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The Women I’ve Been

1. The Curious Child always looking for answers,

Putting her nose in business that is not hers

And she does not yet know to understand

That endless questions may lead to the truth,

But also discomfort, agony, pain, and ache.

2. The Rebel against injustice,

Roaming around in pants and shirts covering herself in dirt

Proving I am equal to him and maybe even better

Feeling proud until made fun of by her own mother,

Calling me “Tommy” and acting like a daughter never existed

3. The Struggler drawing red ladders up her arms

Feeling hopeless and drained

Alone and afraid

Confused on her place in the world

Her purpose in life never learned

4. An Abused Lover waiting for change

Taking hits and blows to the ego and esteem

Slowly crumbling under the pressure

Letting him have everything until finally

My friends intervened,

Saving and protecting me

5. The Bitch would didn’t love him back

Because he was a child, not a man

And I grew tired of playing games

While he couldn’t imagine doing nothing else

6. A Victim of a drunken stranger much stronger

Picking and pinning me up against a wall

Shoving beer breath down my throat

And hands in my pants

With bystanders taking photos instead of action

7. The Poet stuck sitting up late at night

Drowning in coffee and tea and heartbreak

Asking never-ending questions

Curiosity climbing up out her mind

Digging out the deeply hidden truths

Bringing his friend misery along for the ride

Because it’s going to be yet another long night

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Hey Tumblr - Here’s a video of Ten Men Women Have Warned Me Against Becoming, a poem that I originally posted here in April as part of my 30/30 challenge, then took down after it got plagiarized heavily by another person on Tumblr. Hooray for intellectual property on social media!

I’m hoping to get a better video of this poem in the next few months, but I’ve been sitting on this piece for a while and I’m ready to put it out there.

I’m so appreciative of the 3000+ folks who liked/reposted the original draft, and those who have followed my writing since. I hope you enjoy this iteration of Ten Men. You helped give this poem life.

Thanks to B.F. for the video!

ps - I’ve also added this to my “Performance Videos” page

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on giving up the pretense.


Stubborn fingers gliding over 
deep grooves in the page 
where ellipses were made 
beside your name…

I don’t feel you there anymore, 
I don’t hear you in the echoes 
of my name whispered 
by someone else, 
I don’t see you in the sunrise 
or the sunset.

I’ve wasted enough time 
in attempting to sense 
who you are, 
I’ve given up trying 
to please an ideal -

maybe we are 
what we write

after all.

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Is it too aggressive of me
to say I want to rip the past
into shreds? Alright, yes, it is.
But I can’t change how I feel,
and you can’t change how
catastrophically this ended.

I don’t want to remember;
not you, not how my heart
heals differently now, not the
gaps in the way I approach
people since you. I want you
to stop existing in the past
as easily as you stopped
existing in my future.
Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)

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Love has become
a numbers game
and every rhyme
sounds the same
never fitting in
and nothing to win
could or couldn’t
should or shouldn’t
nowhere to go
and I don’t know
if I even feel like
fighting anymore
alone sitting here
it’s no longer clear
if I even should be
writing anymore

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A comma splice walks into a bar, it has a drink and then leaves.

A question mark walks into a bar?

Two quotation marks “Walk into” a bar.

A gerund and an infinitive walk into a bar, drinking to drink.

The bar was walked into by a passive voice.

Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar. They sit. They drink. They leave.


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